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Terugblik Trilling en Gezondheid
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Vihar Kunja


One and One

Vihar Kunja


The bubble

Thinking is the bubble.
Experiencing is the space inside,
which is the same as the space outside.

Vihar Kunja


I am ...

To be present I am some-thing
To be real I am no-thing

 Vihar Kunja


Music of the Heart

Life is  music,
You can sing it,
You can listen to it,
and you can dance on it together.
It is growing from the inside,
with the pleasure of creating
in the outside.

Vihar Kunja


Life is an orchestra

Real life experience is
an orchestra,
Many synchronized instruments,
Make it worth to be in the same moment.

Vihar Kunja


The world

If The world is in your head,
where is The world for me?

Vihar Kunja


Divine Light

There is a Divine Light
You can’t see it
You can’t hear it
You and the Divine Light are One

Vihar Kunja

The source

Silence, stillness
If you don’t use any word for it,
than it’s everything
the source of being

Vihar Kunja

Welcome inside

I am aware
I am oneness
my experiences have no words
my words are an experience

There is a day
a moment
a presence
I experience to be nothing
and nothing is on the border
the edge of knowledge

There is a sign
a hint
a breakthrough
I experience the emptiness of everything
my mind stops
at the edge of knowledge

There is a friend
a god
a goddess
I experience to be that all
my mind merges with it
My heart is now a butterfly

There is a flower
a tree
a consciousness
I feel it is me, myself and you
there are no borders
only a state of happiness

I am aware
I am oneness
my experiences have no words
my words are an experience

By: Vihar Kunja


To Be - or not To Be

There are beings who want to Be,
always searching for answers,
always looking back to find a reason,
looking forwards to exist.

There are beings who do not want to Be,
always searching for confirmation,
always looking back for feelings of sorrow,
looking forward to find the fear.

There are beings, to Be.

Vihar Kunja

Experience of Enlightenment
What makes you enlightened?

When you have time for it ?
When you have room for it?

When you are old enough?
When you did enough yoga?
When you have enough money?

Only when you live today and you can be with it,
that makes it possibly to experience that what is.
Than you can share your divine consciousness,
which is the ultimate exchange you can have.
This will bring enlightenment for all of us.

Vihar Kunja


The only reality we can talk about,

Is the reality we experience in our head.

The reality that we experience,

Is a state of being, without words.

Vihar Kunja



There is always a light burning.
You cannot see it sensorial.
You can experience it,
inside yourself and
inside your neighbour.

This will clear your view,
so you see reality as it is.
This will lead you,
through life and beyond.

Vihar Kunja


Be God

A seed knows what to become.
It always is one with that plan.
It knows that there are no limits to grow to a flower.
A human seed forgets to focus on his path.
It always thinks there are limitations.
It thinks it is different from everything.
So God is outside and not inside.
To be a flower is to be God.

Vihar Kunja



There is a past Time and a coming Time.
This are two times in our head,
Just because of the stories that are with them.
Between them there is a space of NO Time.

It is a space of possibilities,
Everything is formless.
Till the moment a story starts.

Without stories everything is possible.
Its like the zero point area.
There is nothing and everything in the same moment.
Stay with it and joy is your part.

Vihar Kunja



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