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"Happiness is your own nature. Hence it is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside, because it is inside." - Sri Ramana Maharshi

De treffende en diepzinnige aforismen van Ramana bevatten de essentie van zijn leer. Deze uitspraken evenals de unieke foto's van Ramana en zijn omgeving, kunnen ons helpen om de diepe, meditatieve stilte van onze ware aard te ervaren. De foto's van Ramana en zijn woorden roepen de diepe vrede op die in onszelf zit.

De aforismen komen uit Engelstalige boeken die onderaan als bron staan vermeld.
We kiezen ervoor ze als zodanig over te nemen, aangezien ze zo de essentie het dichtst benaderen.


"In what does all this universe exist?
What is all this? From what does it arise?
For what and by what does it all appear?
Of what does it consist?
The Self alone is the cause.

What exists in truth is Self alone.
The world, the individual soul
and God are appearances in it.
These three appear at the same time
and disappear at the same time."






Ramana Maharshi"Call it by any name,
God, Self, the Heart of
the Seat of Consciousness,
it is all the same.

The point to be grasped is this, that
Heart means the very
core of one's being,

the Centre,
without which there is nothing whatever."






Ramana Maharshi"Pure consciousness is indivisible,
it is without parts.

It has no form and no shape,
no 'within'and 'without'.

Pure consciousness,
which is the Heart,
includes all;

and nothing is outside
or apart from it.

That is the ultimate Truth."


Ramana Maharshi"The Self is only one.
If limited it is the ego.
If unlimited it is infinite and is the Reality.

The birth of the ego is called the birth of the person.
There is no other kind of birth.
Whatever is born is bound to die.

The Self remains
even after the death of the ego.

That is Bliss -

that is Immortality."



Ramana Maharshi
"There is fire on the screen in a cinema show.
Does it burn the screen?

There is a cascade of water.
Does it wet the screen?

Fire, water, etc. are phenomena
on the screen of the Self,
and they do not affect it.

The Self is as it is,
Ever sparkling, ever steady,
unmoving and unchanging."




Ramana Maharshi"Happiness is the very nature of the Self

Realizing one's true nature
is liberation.

The Self is here and now, and alone.
The one obstacle is te mind."







Ramana Maharshi

"What is destined to happen will happen.
If you are destined not to work,
work cannot be had even if you hunt for it;
if you are destined to work,
you will not be able to avoid it;
you will be forced to engage yourself in it.

So leave it to the Higher Power;
you cannot renounce or retain as you choose."






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